Maciej Gamrat


Matt is a Software Engineer turned Cloud Architect, focused on building efficient solutions on AWS Cloud. Big fan of Serverless computing, GitOps approach to deployment and generally keeping things simple. Not afraid of tough questions and wearing different hats. Certified AWS Solutions Architect.

Privately, gamer turned cyclist, who enjoys traveling, while studying people and himself.

Skills & Interests

  • Linux. Experienced in running Ubuntu/Debian/Amazon Linux workloads
  • Python. Favourite automation language, written for readability first
  • Terraform. IaC tool of choice, utilizing quality modules where possible
  • AWS Lambda / ECS Fargate. Used for when simple serverless is enough
  • Kubernetes. Currently learning EKS, focusing on operational perspective

Experience by Project

Platform Engineering Team

Employing DevOps best practices at managing AWS Cloud projects and preparing blueprints for Netguru Delivery. Developing company wide standards for Cloud DevOps practices, fostering knowledge sharing in Delivery teams, and ensuring fast & simple yet quality delivery.

Netguru / Senior DevOps Engineer & Cloud Architect (Jan 2022 - present)

  • Tech leadership to oversee Netguru AWS projects and extract recurring features
  • Prioritized daily work & product roadmap for a Team of Cloud Engineers
  • Developed reusable AWS Cloud templates for Netguru Delivery using Terraform
  • Employed modular infrastructure components to improve velocity & simplicity
  • Delivered sandbox account mechanism for Cloud R&D purposes, with Okta SSO
  • Carried out Terraform workshops during Netguru College: DevOps Edition
  • Developed Cloud & IaC training materials for Netguru Delivery

#terraform #python #ecs #serverless #knowledge-sharing

French Streaming Platform

A step by step rewrite of existing Joomla based webpage, with several challenges on the way. Upon numerous iterations, ended up as a set of ECS Microservices, secured API Gateway and CloudFront distributions hosted on AWS Cloud, along with on-premises parts for cost optimization. Serving 300.000 users of French speaking market and handling numerous client applications on Web, mobile and console platforms, it was an invaluable exercise in Auto Scaling, Quality of Service monitoring and Incident Handling.

Netguru / (Senior) DevOps Engineer & Tech Lead (Feb 2021 - Jan 2022)

  • Tech leadership of hybrid cloud deployment for streaming app
  • Day to day planning with the client as Cloud DevOps team leader
  • Designed & delivered a pipeline for business analytics purposes
  • Integrated monitoring system for on-call purposes, incl. solution design
  • Implemented dynamic preview environments for acceptance testing
  • Developed pipelines for ECS microservices using GitLab CI/CD

#terraform #ecs #autoscaling #monitoring #hybrid-cloud

E-Commerce, Professional Services

Shorter assignments for product startups, including an e-commerce platform for sharing of furniture and home decor creations made for Italian artists, as well as a dedicated marketplace for finding specialized lawyer for one’s needs, operating on the British market. Working end to end on providing production infrastructure, migrating existing workloads to AWS Cloud and enabling Dev Team to benefit from Continuous Integration and Deployment functionality.

Netguru / DevOps Engineer (Nov 2020 - Jan 2021)

  • Deployed ECS based infrastructure to support product launch & maintenance
  • Migrated Docker Compose based deployments to AWS Cloud
  • Implemented Circle CI based continuous deployment pipelines
  • Provided documentation & training within Development Team

#aws #terraform #docker #compose #ecs

Smart Parking Solutions

NaviParking product startup, part of Ekinno Lab innovation hub, is built by technologists, entrepreneurs and smart city industry leaders with a mission to simplify parking experience. Solving urban mobility problems while creating an ecosystem of business partners offering parking services as an added value.

  • Managed/mentored a Team of Backend Developers
  • Designed & developed Backend Platform architecture
  • Delivered a payment gateway API for use with mobile apps
  • Integrated data from on site Internet of Things deployments
  • Coordinated & supervisied Production Releases
  • Automated software engineering processes

#java #docker #cloudfoundry #payment-systems #rest-apis

Ekinno Lab / IT Solutions Engineer (Dec 2015 - May 2018)

  • Mentored the Team on DevOps practices
  • Introduced GitLab CI/CD pipelines for Web & mobile apps
  • Developed centralised service monitoring & logging solution
  • Deployed Elasticsearch based analytics solution for business
  • Designed & implemented Backend Platform features

#python #java #docker #elasticsearch #grafana


AWS / Certified Solutions Architect Professional (Jun 2022)

  • Design of technical strategies to accomplish specific business goals
  • Balancing best practices and trade-offs based on business context
  • Delivery of solutions across multiple platforms and providers


MSc Eng / Computer Science (2017 - 2018)

  • Clustering in high-dimensional space of molecular imaging (MALDI-MSI)
  • Part of Spectre research initiative for open source medical software
  • Silesian University of Technology / Gliwice, Poland

BSc Eng / Computer Science (2013 - 2017)

  • Optical Music Recognition as a Web service
  • Silesian University of Technology / Gliwice, Poland


  • English: fluent in speaking & writing
  • German: intermediate level of proficiency